Beautiful girl tempted autistic teenager to out-of-sight field where two other kids stabbed him to death over online dispute

Despite the attempts to change some things in our society, the murder rate in the world is constantly increasing day by day, and we surely can not remain indifferent to the fact that lately a growing number of juveniles are actually involved in criminal activities.

And we are always left speechless when minors, who are at the beginning of perceiving the beauties of life, end up killed, and it is even more horrifying when their lives end in a way that can literally not be seen even in movies.

Such a harrowing incident happened recently and three teenagers were sentenced to tens of years in prison for luring, beating and killing an autistic boy.

The 13-year-old autistic boy, O. Stephens, was fatally stabbed multiple times and two 14-year-old boys and one 14 year-old girl were found guilty in connection to his death. They all knew each other.

The incident reportedly began as a simple altercation on social media between teenagers and ended up tragic.

According to court records, Stephens stood up against the bullies who were humiliating another boy, allegedly friend of Stephens, during a group chat on one of the social networks.

Stephens, according to his family, was kind and loving human being, who as a part of his autism trusted people too much, stood up for himself and the ones he loved and was kind of person who does not remain silent when facing injustice.

After the online dispute, the boys and the girl were angry at Stephens and came to a plan to lure Stephens to an isolated place and beat him. They were making their whole plan also on group chat on social network.

During the conversation between the killers, one of them said that any injury eventually inflicted on Stephens would be as a result for their altercation, while the other one went so far saying that he hates Stephens and that he would probably kill him.

They started with accomplishing their plan. The boys were waiting for the girl to lure Stephens to the isolated location. At the moment the girl brought Stephens to the location, the immediately jumped and started punching him all over his body.

But not everything went according to their plan and as Stephens started to become victorious in the fight, one of the boys pulled out a knife and stabbed Stephens multiple times.

Witness passing by found Stephens laying on ground covered in blood and immediately alerted his parents who rushed to the scene but it was too late to help him as he was already dead.

According to court records, the cold-hearted girl sent messages to friends after the incident saying she set an ambush to Stephens in collaboration with the killer teens and she isn’t even bothered if he dies.

During the trial, the heartbroken parents of Stephens said that nothing could compensate the loss of their son. His father added: “Had he asked me for help that day, I would have moved heaven and earth to give it to him.”

Prosecution said the evil killer teens even tried to cover the murder as they disposed the clothes worn at the time of the incident and deleted apps from their mobile phones.

The judge at the sentencing described the homicide as extremely cruel and utterly pointless.

Lawyers of the girl said she was deeply remorseful for her role in the incident and as she admitted manslaughter, the judge sentenced her to three years and two months.

Few days ago the suspects were sentenced. One of the boys was sentenced to 13 years in prison for murder and two counts of preventing the course of justice, while the other one was sentenced to 12 years in prison for murder and preventing the course of justice.

All of the defendants will serve their sentences in a youth detention center. The identities of the evil killer teens haven’t been released due to their age.

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