Charleston to host the annual Festival of Houses and Gardens event next week

Charleston, South Carolina – The Festival of Houses and Gardens is an annual event that showcases some of the most beautiful and historic homes and gardens in Charleston. It is organized by the Historic Charleston Foundation, a nonprofit organization that preserves and protects the architectural, historical and cultural character of Charleston and its Lowcountry environs.

The festival was first held in 1947 as a way to raise funds and awareness for the preservation of Charleston’s historic buildings and landscapes. Since then, it has become a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike, who can enjoy guided tours, lectures, musical performances and other events that celebrate the city’s rich heritage and culture.

The festival usually takes place in the spring, from mid-March to mid-April, when the weather is mild and the flowers are in bloom. The Festival of Houses and Gardens is a great opportunity to explore and appreciate the charm and beauty of Charleston, as well as to support the efforts of the Historic Charleston Foundation to preserve and protect its historic treasures.

This year, the Festival of Houses and Gardens will take place next week starting March 15.

Festival of Houses and Gardens is Historic Charleston Foundation’s largest fundraiser of the year. This event presents an exceptional occasion to honor the exquisite architecture and design of our historical homes annually. However, it is not limited to just that purpose. The festival has also demonstrated to be an outstanding resource for educational purposes. This festival is the most extensive and long-standing exhibition of houses and gardens in the nation, spanning five weeks of home tours, lectures, and concerts.

While attendees have the opportunity to take some of the home and garden tours or enjoy some other activities like sunset boat tours every year, organizers confirmed that starting from this year, there will be a festival music series:

“It is not only attending the house tours, but it is also attending our live like a local events, we want people to not just visit Charleston, we want them to live Charleston. So, we use the phrase, be an insider, get the inside track of what it is actually like, to be a Charlestonian, and come to our rosé and roses events, come to our food for thought lectures, and our festival of music series, so much to see for visitors and locals alike.” -Roualeyn de Haas, Historic Charleston Foundation

Those interested can see the complete schedule and buy tickets on this link.

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