Infant dies after mother leaves her locked in car for more than 2 hours, outdoor temperatures hit 100 degrees

Authorities arrested the 28-year-old from California who allegedly left her infant daughter locked in hot car alone for more than 2 hours. The little girl died last week while locked in the car after the temperatures hit over 100 degrees.

According to police, M. Dominguez left her daughter while she was checking on the illegal marijuana plants. Officers responded to Dominguez’s home around 6 p.m. last Thursday after she reported that her daughter is not breathing.

The baby girl was immediately transferred in hospital for treatment, unfortunate, not much could have been done and she was pronounced dead.

“Based on statements obtained by detectives, it is believed that Jessica was left in the vehicle for 2 ½ to 3 hours prior to being discovered,” reads the statement. “The outdoor temperature was determined to be at least 100 degrees at the time of the incident.”

Scientists say if temperatures outside are 100 degrees, temperature inside of a car for more than 2 hours will easily go over 140. Detectives are still working on the case trying to determine the exact temperature in the car when Dominguez opened the door.

According to latest marijuana laws in California, residents are allowed to own and grow no more than 6 mature marijuana plants. The investigation showed that in the building where the car was parked, Dominguez was growing at least 70 mature plants, 80 immature plants and about 200 lbs. of processed marijuana.

Police also found four other children in the home. All were well and unharmed. Dominguez was charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment. The same charges were filed against four other adults allegedly behind the grow operation.

No other information was immediately available. We will update the case with more details when available.

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