‘He put it in a box with blankets and buried it in a shallow grave,’ parents accused for the death of the baby born in college dorm, arrested weeks later

Being a parent is not an easy task especially for young people who are not well prepared for parenthood and everything that comes with having a child. There are thousands of cases across the country every year when young couples can’t cope with the pressure of being a parent and those cases usually don’t end up well.

The controversial Texas abortion law that bans abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy was enforced last month and today’s case clearly shows that some people will really need the freedom of choice when it comes to abortion since they are not always prepared to have children.

This North Carolina couple is perfect representation that everyone should think twice before they decide to have children.

The 21-year-old mother identified as O. Billington and her 21-year-old boyfriend A. Best, will spend years behind bars if found guilty for the death of their newborn after his body was found buried in shallow grave at Best’s property.

The local police department reportedly received an anonymous 911 call notifying them of a possible body that had been buried behind Best’s residence. That call was enough for the authorities to check and find the newborn’s dead body in a shallow grave there.

Best was immediately arrested after the dead body was found in the middle of last month. The police didn’t initially release additional information about the case, but said that the suspect has been cooperating with them at that point.

The investigation showed that the mother of the baby was Best’s girlfriend, Billington, who is a student, and she allegedly gave birth to the baby on September 4 in her college dorm. The couple didn’t inform their families that they are expecting a baby nor they asked for any medical assistance.

Billington has been on the run and the police couldn’t find her for weeks until she decided to turn herself in earlier this month, few weeks after Best was arrested. Since then, the police said they are both cooperating with the authorities.

At this point of the investigation, it is not clear whether the baby died of natural or other causes, and the official cause of death has been ruled inconclusive. Police added the couple claimed that the baby was already dead when Best brought its body to his home, “he put it in a box with blankets, and buried it in a shallow grave on his property.”

“That’s just such a travesty. It’s just heartbreaking, it truly is, for the child and for the folk involved in it,” one man told WXII 12.

It remains unclear why the couple didn’t attempt to find medical help and let the newborn die. Authorities have charged a couple with felony concealment of death.

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