“If you try and leave me, I will shoot you dead,” Man kills former girlfriend at sleep after breaking GPS monitor while under house arrest

To split with the partner sometimes might be a hard task, but it’s usually the best option if one of the partners is experiencing difficulties in the relationship. The reasons for the split might be different, but the hardest seem to be those violent in nature.

Women are those who are usually threatened by their violent boyfriends or husbands if they try to leave them and in thousands occasions every year women end up hurt, or sometimes, even dead as a result of those threats. That’s what happened to today’s victim after she left her boyfriend, a well-known offender to police.

According to the police report, the incident happened two weeks ago in Florida where the suspect, identified as the 29-year-old H. Dorvilus, killed his ex-girlfriend while she was sleeping at her home. The woman was identified as the 23-year-old E. Etienne.

As multiple local sources reported, the couple have been together for a few years and their relationship had been nothing but a toxic. At the time when the incident happened, Dorvilus was under house arrest and he was not allowed to leave his home. The victim said in court that the suspect had beaten her multiple times during their relationship over the years.

According to the court reports, Dorvilus was already facing several domestic violence charges, after allegations that he beat Etienne on two separate occasions and pointed a gun at her. He was arrested on June 1 after an argument when he allegedly pointed his 9mm gun at Etienne after she said she wanted to end their relationship.

According to police, he said: “If you try and leave me, I will shoot you dead.” The couple struggled for the weapon until Dorvilus finally fired and hit his leg. Right after he suffered the gunshot injury, he went to hospital for treatment.

Following the incident, the judge in the case to put Dorvilus under house arrest and he was not allowed to leave his home until the trial. The authorities also put a GPS monitor on his ankle to be able to track him all the time.

One day late September, he broke his GPS monitor and headed to his ex-girlfriend’s home. The young woman was still sleeping in the early morning hours when the suspect broke at her home and stabbed her multiple times until she died.

He fled the scene and was on the run for several hours until the police located and arrested him. Under the Florida law for murder cases, he was held in jail with no option for a bond. He was charged with first-degree murder and will spend decades in prison if found guilty.

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