DHEC hosted vaccine clinic in Charleston in an effort to keep vaccine levels high especially in elderly people

Charleston, South Carolina – As the number of new Covid-19 cases is in constant decline, so is the interest for the Covid-19 vaccine.

In an effort to keep the vaccination levels up and the elderly people protected against the virus, DHEC hosted a vaccine clinic at the Joseph Floyd Manor, a public housing facility for low-income seniors on Saturday.

The idea with this vaccine clinic was bringing easy access to vaccines to people who need them, especially to those who don’t have transportation to easily visit some of the local vaccine sites.

Charleston County Housing Authority CEO Franklin Scott said they are working to keep people as protected against the virus as possible until we finally get ‘back to normal’.

“There’s a hidden population of people that when they do get ill, they don’t necessarily get noticed,” Scott says. “That’s the challenge that we’re facing, not necessarily in this building but in the community.”

“What we wanted to do was make it very convenient for our tenants, and we wanted to bring the help to them, not ask them to travel to the help,” Charleston County Housing Authority Board Chairman Sandino Moses says.

The Saturday vaccine clinic hosted by DHEC was great opportunity for other organizations too that were on hand to give people information about rental assistance, while others were providing free food and drinks for those in need.

Currently, all 46 counties in South Carolina are green on the Center for Disease Control’s indicator map. This means low risk of Covid-19 everywhere across the Palmetto State.

Additionally, the Covid-19 situation in South Carolina is among the best countrywide as the state ranked 50th in new COVID-19 cases according to data from the previous week.

Monica Doyle


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