Father tortured and killed his little boy because he didn’t know how to use the toilet properly, mother did nothing to stop him

Putting toddlers in a daily routine and teaching them the ordinary behaviors is hard and time-consuming, but every single parent will have to undergo that process sooner or later. Having a child has never been an easy task and will never be, and those who plan to have one should be well aware of everything that comes with the parenthood.

Unfortunately, not everyone is well prepared and aware what having a child means at all and we regularly witness situations where parents end up beating their children sometimes injuring them, on purpose or not.

Such example of a father with lack of patience who does not even deserve to be a parent at all, comes from Indiana and he was allegedly torturing and beating his son for an extended period of time over toilet training issues.

The father, identified as the 28-year-old A. Morgan, is accused for the murder of his 4-year-old toddler Judah. The mother of the toddler, M. Yoder, is considered an accomplice because she did not report in time that her husband was abusing the child.

The unfortunate incident took place two weeks ago at Morgan’s rural residence in Indiana. Officers responded to a 911 call at the location in the early morning hours. Responding officers were unable to establish contact with anyone inside the home and broke inside shortly after.

The first thing officers saw was the little boy’s dead body, naked and covered with a blanket with no pulse and cool to the touch. The unresponsive Judah’s body was discovered along with three other children and no adults were located inside the home at the time.

Yoder was the one who contacted the authorities stating “Morgan might flee as he had lost his temper and hurt the child and was scared and did not know what to do.”

Authorities developed a person of interest after questioning the three other children and started looking for Morgan. They also asked for the public’ help in locating the suspect and after a couple of hours of intensive search, Morgan was finally located and taken into custody.

The examination report of the toddler’s body stated the boy died of bleeding on the brain caused by a blunt force head trauma. The report also showed that the body was covered in bruises.

According to the court documents, the father is accused of continuously abusing, punishing and duck-taping his son’s mouth often reaching a point of ‘torture’. The documents additionally stated that the father was keeping the boy locked in their dark basement for days leaving him completely naked over toilet training issues.

Investigators interrogated the mother too and she admitted she knew what her husband was doing to their son and said that even she was sometimes sending Judah to the basement as a punishment. Yoder also stated she last saw Judah a couple of days before his death when she went to hospital to give birth.

The three children which were found in the home along with the victim are staying with relatives at the moment. The child that Yoder had given birth to was placed for adoption.

Morgan and Yoder were charged in the death of their son and a trial has yet to be scheduled.

Both parents are being held in jail with no bond.

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