Fort Dorchester High School students will continue with the virtual learning at least until Thursday, school officials released update on Monday with the power outage

Dorchester County, South Carolina – Fort Dorchester High School has been closed since last week due to problem with the electricity and all the students were switched to virtual learning since then.

The problem was expected to be solved no later than Friday last week, but it turned out that the main electricity parts should be replaced postponing the in-person teaching process.

As we already reported on Monday, the students were still at home sticked to the virtual learning.

Later on Monday, the Fort Dorchester High School officials announced that e-learning will continue through Wednesday for students.

During this time, crews are working around the clock to fix the electric issues in the building.

A statement from DD2 said that a necessary repair part is expected to “arrive by air on Monday evening,” then technicians will spend the next two days installing the part.

Parents and students will be additionally notified when the school will be ready for in person learning and the school officials believe that would be Thursday.

Students have been learning virtually since September 16 as a result of the electrical issue.

Monica Doyle


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