“And then it just escalated so quick,” woman dies in the hands of her daughter after she was fatally shot in a road rage incident

Every driver faces issues in traffic almost on a daily basis and some of those situations end up with argument, but in the case of this California woman, an ordinary traffic situation turned into road rage incident with fatal results after she was shot to death in a broad daylight.

The fatal shooting following a road rage incident took place earlier this month in California when the 21-year-old T. Turcios experienced something that not a single person will ever want to.

According to police reports, Turcios’ mother, the 44-year-old M. Honorato, and her partner, the 39-year-old J. Gutierrez, were both shot to death in front of their home in what appears to be road rage incident. Turcios was in the house when the shooting occurred and she immediately ran outside to check what happened.

Initially, she thought that the house next door was throwing a party, but she went out she found her mother and her partner lying on the street with gunshot wounds all covered in blood. She went to help her mother who was already suffering serious injuries and her condition was critical.

Meanwhile, the neighbors called 911 and while they were all waiting for the first responders to arrive, Turcios held her mother in her hands and that ended up to be their final moments together. “I told my mom I loved her,” Turcios told the Los Angeles Times on Monday morning.

“It was traumatizing,” Turcios said. “I saw Juan in a pool of blood; he looked dead, and then I ran to my mom and held her.”

Gutierrez was pronounced dead at the scene, while Honorato was still alive when the EMS crews arrived. She was taken to hospital for treatment, but despite doctor’s efforts, she died shortly after arrival to the hospital.

Honorato has been living in the area for a long time and she was beloved neighbor. According to her neighbors, she was one of a kind, a single mother that raised her children on her own before meeting her partner.

The authorities didn’t officially reveal the motive for the shooting in the initial stages of the investigation, but family members heard from the neighbors that the shooting occurred following a road rage incident in front of their home.

Honorato’s sister Maria told KTLA-TV Channel 5 that the two had been parked “in the middle of the street because there was no parking”, when the driver behind started “honking and telling them to move and whatever… “And then it just escalated so quick.”

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