One more “team Biden” fiasco as Kamala Harris’ speech over Afghanistan question on her Asia trip sounds like unprepared high school student

Fiasco to fiasco, this is what the team Biden duo has been doing since taking the White House office in January amid several major crisis the country faces. It’s not that one has expected more from our president, but VP Kamala Harris ended up to be a total failure.

And even Democrats are worried, Harris’ not-that-good rating has been going down ever since and as a Vice President, her rating also affects the party’s rating at the start of the preparation for the mid-terms.

The Afghanistan withdrawal resulted with historical low approval rating for Biden since becoming president and instead of supporting him, Harris digs even deeper hole for Biden. Vice President’s latest Asia trip has proven just that.

On Monday, Harris was part of a joint news conference with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. As expected, Harris got a question about the Afghanistan events and as expected, she failed. Again.

As soon as the questions were allowed at the news conference, Reuters reporter wanted to know from Harris what went wrong in Afghanistan since she already announced she agrees and supports the withdrawal.

Harris said that she was aware that such a question is about to be asked, but as usual, Harris didn’t provide a specific answer, although it was more than expected to deliver a proper answer. In a completely diplomatic way, Harris said there will be plenty of time for the satiation to be analyzed and right now the White House is “singularly focused on evacuating American citizens, Afghans who worked with us and Afghans who are vulnerable” such as children and women.

“I mean the president has, I think, shown great emotion in expressing, uh, sadness about some of the images we have seen, but we cannot be, um, in any way, um, distracted in any way from what must be our primary mission right now, which is evacuating people from that region who, who deserve to be evacuated,” Harris said.

Harris official appearance and the comments were nothing but disastrous. It’s simply amazing how much Harris looks unprepared and unsure when the public expects strong and powerful answers from the Vice President of the most powerful country in the world. If you take a closer look at the video, you will see that Harris is checking her notes every few seconds while stumbling “uhs” and “ums” trying to actually complete a full sentence.

According to experts, Harris should have been well prepared and already have authentic speech for the news conference when everyone knew Afghanistan type of question is coming. Her speech was nothing more of than ordinary press release type of speech. This is just another proof how her team doesn’t have a plan to come up with something acceptable.

All in all, Harris’ speech looked more like the speech of an unprepared high school student than a solid message from the vice president of the world’s most powerful nation. It remains unclear if Harris with her appearances is harming herself or Joe Biden more. Either way, this response sounds scripted at its best and cringe-inducing at its worst. It is robotic, and there is no genuine concern that comes through.

Harris answering Afgh. questions, 3 mins video clip – here.

Monica Doyle


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