While this man was beating and abusing little child by the pool, his wife recorded the whole incident on video, freed from jail

The local community was in shook last week when they heard about the case when a man was beating and abusing little girl by the pool at his house, while a woman, reportedly his wife, was recording the whole accident on camera and this hasn’t been the first time for them to be involved in such aggressive incident.

According to the police reports, the man and the woman involved in the incident were husband and wife. The local authorities received an unknown call claiming that the couple were involved in multiple incidents involving minor children.

As soon as the authorities were alerted, they were dispatched at the Oklahoma home where they found out multiple children performing sex acts on his account. The couple was arrested and investigators kept digging in what appeared multiple incidents.

The couple were reportedly involved in the child pornography industry creating content involving minor children. Investigators easily managed to log in to their Dropbox account where they kept the material. According to them, female voice heard in some of the videos was the suspect’s wife who was also the one who usually recorded the sexual acts.

Additionally, the investigation revealed that in some of the recorded videos the couple featured young children, just six years old.

KOTV reported that several videos from June 2015 showed the man, identified as Jason B., holding up a 6-year-old girl in the pool and attempting to manipulate her shorts in a sexual manner as his wife zoomed in. The FBI also claimed they reviewed videos where the woman, identified as the Heather B., is filming up women’s skirts. Heather’s face is allegedly clearly seen in those videos.

Heather was working as a first-grade teacher in a local school. As soon as the FBI notified the school officials regarding the investigation, the woman was suspended as a result of her arrest on federal child pornography charges.

Jason is well-known offender to the local authorities as he was arrested and charged with rape charged back in 2016. According to the court records, his wife was not charge in the first case because she proved she was home at the time of the incident.

Just two days after the couple was arrested, Jason was charged with federal child pornography charges and additionally with lewd molestation of a child. These two charges will be added to the 2016 charged that are now pending.

The District Attorney added that they can prosecute Jason in the Wagoner County case because he and the victim are not Native American. However, their office cannot prosecute Heather because she is Native American.

Jason and Heather are currently free on bond following their arrests last Wednesday.

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