“Hillary’s trying to humanize herself,” Former Donald Trump senior adviser says Hillary will run for president in 2024, again

Although we are approaching to a year since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took over the White House office, speculations over the next presidential election that should take place in 2024 are increasing every single day. In the last couple of months, majority were accusing the former president for creating pro-Trump environment claiming that he was preparing the ground for another presidential run in 2024 with all of his public appearances and rallies during the months.

However, that narrative has changed recently. In the last two months, the increasing number of speculations for the presidential election in 2024 stem from Biden’s inability to properly lead the country. That said, Biden approval record has hit the lowest ever numbers recorded in the history of United States and according to his rating, he has been the president with the worst approval record at one point of the presidency.

And that is nothing but a clear representation of how the majority of Americans feel in the last couple of months. Biden’s rating seems to be the real result of an unfortunate series of events since Biden took over the White House office. Once he became president, Joe Biden’s biggest concern was the Covid-19 pandemic, but events later escalated causing multiple other important national problems for Americans.

The rising number of violent crimes, the immigrational crisis at the southern border, rising prices, inflation and rising poverty and the Afghanistan events are some of the problems that Biden didn’t manage to fix at all. A year since winning the 2020 Election, Joe Biden lost many of the Democrat voters, but he also lost many of the voters who voted for him only to see Trump go, multiple polls show.

So far, team-Biden duo has failed. And that seems to be the major reason currently why more and more speculations about the 2024 election are seeing the light of the day. Taking into consideration Biden’s age and Biden-Harris’ presidency so far, it’s easy to assume that Biden won’t run for president again.

The former Donald Trump senior adviser Jason Miller also claims the same, but he went even further saying that this situation is perfect opportunity for the former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who just started the preparations attempting to “inject” herself into the 2024 presidential race. And she is good at it.

Miller, during a recent episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, suggested that Clinton was looking to position herself as potential Democratic contender to replace Biden. His remarks came after the former senator and former secretary of state read what would have been her 2016 victory speech—if she had won—in an emotional segment of a MasterClass talk on the power of resilience.

“Hillary’s trying to humanize herself and inject herself into the 2024 presidential discussion. That’s all it is. Let’s just be brutally crass and direct about it,” Jason Miller, who served as a senior adviser to Trump’s 2020 campaign and a spokesperson for his 2016 campaign, said.

“The fact of the matter is that Crooked [Hillary] is circling around Joe Biden almost like a buzzard looking at the carcass on the ground, saying, ‘It’s not going to be Joe Biden, it’s not going to be Kamala Harris. How can I go and insert myself into this national discussion and remind people that I’m still here?'” Miller added.

Although in March Biden himself confirmed that he plans to seek support for re-election, thing have changed in the following months. Even Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, said in November that Biden will run for president once again in 2024, but that is very unlikely to happen, according to Miller.

Miller, who had one of the most important Trump-team roles during Trump’s presidency, is still very close with the former president and he believes that Trump will run for president once again. Even in October, Miller suggested that Biden will not run for president again, but this time he went step further insisting Hillary Clinton will try to fill the gap and use the current situation.

“I think ultimately in 2024 President Trump does run again. At least that is my hope,” Miller said during an October interview with Fox Business. “But I don’t think it will be against Joe Biden. I think it will be a [Vice President] Kamala Harris or maybe a [California Governor] Gavin Newsom,” the Trump associate predicted.

It still too early to predict how things will develop in the upcoming period, but one thing is clear, if Biden doesn’t improve his approval record and Democrats lose the next year’s mid-terms, he will most certainly end his political career in 2024.

Monica Doyle


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