“If they don’t find a body, they don’t have a case,” man kills single mother stabbing her four times with screwdriver, dumps body in canal, charged

People make mistakes and some of them pay for their mistakes with prison time. Although it’s expected those who have served prison time to make up for the time and improve their life once they are out of prison, unfortunately, some of them continue where they stopped.

This is especially sad for those who have spent many years in prison and didn’t grab their chance for new life like the person in today’s case, a convicted murderer, who killed single mother months after he got out of prison after serving 27 years.

As multiple sources reported, the suspect identified as the 54-year-old E. Pierson was arrested few days ago for killing the 33-year-old E. Verdecia whose body was missing for several weeks before it was found dumped in a canal in Florida.

Pierson was arrested just a few hours before authorities found Verdecia’s dead body and he is accused for stabbing her at least four times with a screwdriver on September 25 until she died. The suspect is now facing first-degree murder charges for her death.

The suspect is well-known offender as he had served jail times twice. He served four years for attempted murder from 1985-1989 and he was released on a parole. In 1993, he was charged and found guilty for beating and strangulation murder of a teenager. He pleaded guilty to a second-degree murder and he was released from prison last year after serving 27 out of 40 years sentence.

Verdecia’s family had reported her missing September 27, three days after she left home and never returned. Her mother reached out to her friends on social media and one said she had seen Verdecia with a “grimy” man at a sandwich shop who told her his name was Eric Pierson.

Victim’s mother was worried and she decided to check the name online. She was devastated when she found out who Pierson was and she instantly became very upset and concerned about her daughter’s safety.

“I flipped out,” victim’s mother said. “I told (police) my daughter was seen with a killer. And then they started looking for her. But it was too late,” CBS News reported.

As court records indicate, Pierson and Verdecia were together in suspect’s car on September 25 when police conducted ordinary traffic stop. Patrol officers said that Verdecia didn’t seem to be in danger or distressed at the time.

When questioned by police few days later early October, the suspect told police Verdecia was with him when he was stopped and after that, they went to a gas station for fuel. He told them while they were there, Verdecia walked away and told him to meet her at a nearby Wendy’s. He allegedly got there, but she never showed up.

When authorities checked the restaurant’s security cameras, they found out that Pierson never actually went there. That was enough for the officers to question him again and search his truck where they found blood inside. His girlfriend called police the same day to say he would stare at the canal behind her home and say, “Damn that bitch stinks.” She told police he had also said, “If they don’t find a body, they don’t have a case.” The body was found hours later.

The motive behind the murder remains unclear.

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