‘If Trump goes missing, not many Republicans will look for him,’ former GOP Lawmaker Barbara Comstock says

She is not the only one recently, we have seen many other Republicans commenting on Trump’s role in the GOP right now and his desire to run for president once again. Whether you like him or not, it looks like Donald Trump is still the main figure in Republican party.

The latest public appearance of Virginia Republican Barbara Comstock on Sunday, once again fueled social media and Trump supporters. She appeared in Meet The Press show on NBC and comments simply exploded when she said not many Republicans will go after Trump if he disappeared.

“If Donald Trump disappeared tomorrow, I don’t think you’d have many Republicans in the search party,” Comstock said. “Maybe a few prosecutors. But not Republicans.”

She was also speaking about the Senate Republicans blocking the bipartisan investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

“I understand Republicans want to get away from Donald Trump… The problem is, he’s not going to go away.”

“This is not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about the country, and it’s about getting to the truth. And it’s about protecting the Capitol, the people who work there, and also making sure this never happens again.”

As we already know, the commission failed to win the Senate drawing just 54 “yes” votes against 35 “nos.” This shows the real Trump impact in the GOP.

The Republicans who voted ‘no’ say the commission is not something that might change the facts, there is nothing important to be discovered. No new crucial facts will be revealed according to them.

The idea for the commission was given by Congressional Democrats claiming that 9/11-style investigation into what happened in January, will be a great step-forward in revealing the ‘real truth’ about the incident. A total of five people lost their lives including one Capitol Police officer.

According to Sen. Bill Cassidy, the commission will be formed one way or another, with or without the support of his party. He was one of those voting ‘yes’, supporting the commission.

“The investigations will happen with or without Republicans,” Cassidy said in the statement. “To ensure the investigations are fair, impartial, and focused on the facts, Republicans need to be involved.”

Comstock agrees with Cassidy, repeating his statement in the show. She said that most people don’t even get it how violent those attacks actually were.

Comstock is one of a number of prominent conservatives involved in “A Call for American Renewal,” an effort to create a new national party in the wake of the Trump administration.

Comstock described the “A Call for American Renewal” movement as a “center-right group of Republicans, former Republicans, and independents who don’t want to be Democrats… but want to restore” the party.

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