Illegal immigrant brutally stabbed and killed the man who had taken him in months after he crossed the border posing as unaccompanied minor

The issue on the southern border has been increasing since the start of the year when Joe Biden took over the White House office and the pressure on him regarding the problem has been constantly on the rise. Biden has been blamed that he ruined everything Trump did in the last couple of years when it comes to the immigrational crisis and the numbers are confirming just that.

The record number of immigrants in the last couple of months led to many incidents at the southern border, but now those problems started reflecting to other states too.

According to multiple sources, one of those illegal immigrants who were granted the right to stay in the United States is the 24-year-old Y. Noel from Honduras who crossed the border several months ago after posing as an unaccompanied minor, Daily Mail reported.

Since he presented himself as an unaccompanied minor, he wasn’t turned away but instead placed in a shelter, according to the President Biden’s border policy on unaccompanied minors crossing the US border. He was given a “Notice to Appear” and released, NY Post reported.

Now Noel is arrested and charged with murder in the brutal stabbing death of a Florida man, a father of four, who had taken in the immigrant who told authorities he was 17. The victim was identified as the 46-year-old F. Cuellar and he was brutally stabbed and killed last month. Police said they followed a trail of blood back to the victim’s home and arrested Noel, placing him in a juvenile detention facility.

Noel was arrested on October 7 and held in the juvenile detention facility until October 13 when authorities found out suspect’s real identity and his true age. Noel turned 24 last Friday, but he said to the authorities at the border that his name was Alexander and he was 17 years old.

Noel crossed the Texas border and it still remains unclear who he ended up in Florida after being detained in Texas — or whether he was transported by way of the Biden administration’s secret flights to resettle underage immigrants, revealed in an exclusive expose by The Post last month.

“My dad told me one day he was going to the airport, and then this guy came out of nowhere and was at work the next day,” Cuellar’s daughter said. “I didn’t really ask questions.”

Cuellar’s daughter added that her dad really wanted to help the “unaccompanied minor” as he even gave him job at their family businesses. According to her, he wanted to help Noel because the father knew that he was coming from very poor country and wanted to help him in starting new life in United States.

According to multiple Florida news outlets on Tuesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is investigating the Noel case if he arrived in Jacksonville on one of the clandestine flights. Previously, Ron DeSantis said that he is suing the Biden administration over its “catch and release” policy.

The police found the suspect near a lake, all covered in blood. Authorities said that there was a trail of blood leading to Cuellar’s body in his living room. Additionally, the home security cameras caught the stabbing incident on video where Noel is clearly shown “stabbing the victim numerous times and repeatedly hitting him with a chair,” local authorities confirmed. Noel is charged with second-degree murder.

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