Issue solved, Charleston firefighters return in the station after undetermined odor shuts it down

Charleston, South Carolina – The station was closed for almost 2 weeks after undetermined odor was discovered. Now the firefighters returned to the station on the Wentworth and Meeting Streets.

This week a private company was arranged for a detailed inspection of the odor. The preliminary lab report showed that four of the five gases that were sampled and determined that no detectable amounts of these gases were identified.

The final sample also did not show any detectable amounts of the fifth gas later.

After the results, a coordinative meeting was held between the Fire Department Command staff, the Parks Department, SM&E and City Safety. It was decided the station to be reopened.

The station serves as the home of Engine 102, Engine 103 and Battalion 103,

The situation will be monitored in the upcoming period.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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