Teenage boy hit with stun gun, beaten and body slammed at hospital by personnel and police officers, new disturbing video released in court

The mother took her teenage boy in hospital seeking mental health crisis help. The incident occurred when she asked the security officers to help her getting him out of the car. The boy was hit with stun gun, beaten and body slammed at hospital by personnel and police officers then left bleeding and handcuffed outside.

The latest 45-minute surveillance video that was revealed in court shows a handcuffed teenager sitting outside Atrium Health Lincoln on a curb when he is punched in the face by a deputy responding to 911 call.

The incident happened in North Carolina in Atrium Health Lincoln hospital back in 2019. The officials last year said that the officers acted properly.

However, the attorney on court revealed 45-minute surveillance video clearly showing that the mother and her son went to the hospital “in crisis and in desperate need of medical care.”

The teenager suffered heavy injuries and now deals with “persistent psychiatric trauma” as a result of the beating. About 40 minutes after the incident, he was taken into emergency room for treatment. The boy was initially arrested and charged for several crimes, but those charges were later dropped.

The lawsuit also said the defendants libeled and slandered the family by making false statements about the confrontation and the teenager to justify their actions, while also sharing the teen’s private medical records with unauthorized individuals.

Several people and the hospital authorities are named in the lawsuit. It lists a variety of claims, including assault and battery and excessive force, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress. They all rejected the claims.

Part of the video showing the exact moment of the incident can be found here.

We will update the case as more details are available.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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