Just before Christmas thousands of people from South Carolina played the same lottery numbers and won

South Carolina – For thousands of people from South Carolina this Christmas will be different as they managed to play the same lottery numbers and win prizes.

The South Carolina Education Lottery confirmed that more than 11,000 people won prizes after they all played the same lucky combination of numbers 3-3-3.

“The triple number combination is hands down the Lottery’s most played sequence, with this drawing producing 25 times the number of winners compared to the previous day’s draw,” the lottery said in the release.

Every ticket is worth $250 or $500 depending to the price said the officials. According to them, S.C. Education Lottery is doling out $2.8 million.

The winners have about six months to claim their winning tickets.

Chances of winning a ticket is 1-in-1,000 and because of the high number of winning tickets this weekend, officials urge players to sign the back of the ticket to safeguard their prize.

Cindy Carey


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