Man faces murder charges after beating 2-year-old boy to death for urinating on the couch

A. Jones, initially charged with aggravated manslaughter, now faces murder charges for beating to death his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son for urinating on the couch. The incident happened when Jones was alone with the toddler in their apartment, while the mother of the boy was at work.

According to the investigators, this was not the first time for the Florida mother to leave her son with Jones.

Friday morning Jones texted the woman saying that the boy is not responding to his attempts to wake him up. The mother immediately called 911 and rushed home. As soon as EMS arrived, they took the boy in hospital for treatment. Shortly after, the boy was pronounced dead.

The autopsy report shows that the boy died of blunt force injuries. Numerous injuries were also seen on the boy’s body. Jones was arrested.

Even though it was more than obvious he had beaten the boy, he confessed nothing. But later, officers confronted Jones and he said he had become aggravated with the boy for urinating on the couch and struck him numerous times, knocking him out.

Toddler’s father was broken. He told officers that the charges against Jones are not enough.

“My son was tortured — tortured and murdered — and aggravated manslaughter is not enough; I will not settle for that,” he said. “It explains in the autopsy that my son suffered a laceration to the liver, brain bleeding, and bruises all over his body. It seems to me that was a bit more premeditated.”

He also added he wants his son’s mother to be held accountable too.

Jones is well known to the authorities with criminal history including multiple arrests for narcotics possession and driving on a suspended license.

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