Congressman Tom Rice thank Gov. McMaster for sending help on the southern border

Charleston, South Carolina – Gov. Henry McMaster and the state of South Carolina are among the first states to send help and support on the southern border combating the immigration crisis.

Following Gov. Henry McMaster’s decision, five South Carolina U.S. representatives including Congressman Tom Rice sent a letter to McMaster thanking him about the resources he provided in combating the southern border crisis.

“We are writing to you today to thank you for being one of the first Governors to send resources – including over 300 National Guard troops – to border states and helping combat this national crisis,” the letter to McMaster states.

According to the latest data, the crisis has been increased this year compared to last year and the year before when Donald Trump was president of the United States.

These numbers were also stated in the letter that SC representatives sent to McMaster claiming that the encounters “soared from 23,237 in May 2020 to 180,034 in May 2021.”

“Immigrants, residents along the border, and American workers and families in every state are harmed by the influx of illegal aliens,” the letter states. “State and federal officials have a duty to respond, and you took the initiative when many governors did not.”

This help comes after Arizona and Texas Governors asked other states for help and support combating the crisis on the border. South Carolina is among the first states to send help including Arkansas and few other states.

In the letter was also mentioned that Arizona and Texas officials may request additional law enforcement assistance from South Carolina in the upcoming period.

McMaster visited the border in April and called it “a humanitarian crisis” and said “inaction is putting our national security at risk.”

Monica Doyle


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