CARTA to invest additional funds in increasing its electric buses fleet

Charleston, South Carolina – Electric buses fleet is becoming a reality in town as CARTA plans to invest in additional electric buses as soon as next year.

According to CARTA Chairman Mike Seekings, CARTA budget for 2022 will see an increase of $2 million compared to 2021, now reaching $12.8 million money from Charleston County.

As of now, CARTA only has 6 electric buses. However, with the additional money provided by the Charleston County combined with the federal funds, Seekings expect the electric buses fleet to reach 33 buses by the end of 2022.

“Everyday as this area grows, we need to give people options on how to get around,” Seekings said.

“Public transportation for those who are transit dependent is their lifeblood. We want to make sure we service that segment of the population. And then give people who do have options, an option that is positive.”

Meanwhile, CARTA is working on the battery charging project looking for the best possible locations for the charges.

Seekings says the Half-Cent Sales Tax passed by Charleston County voters is allowing them to fund the necessary changes.

Each of the buses is expected to cost around $700,000.

CARTA officials will go before the Charleston County Finance Committee on Thursday.

Cindy Carey


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