Two earthquakes registered in South Carolina Wednesday afternoon in less than 15 minutes in the Elgin area

South Carolina – 3.3 magnitude earthquake was registered in South Carolina Wednesday afternoon in the Elgin area, South Carolina Emergency Management Division said.

Per the SCEMD, earthquake centered 3 miles east of Elgin, occurring at 2:43 this afternoon.

SCEMD on Twitter explained that South Carolina is one of the most seismically active states on the East Coast because there are multiple fault systems running throughout the state.

Just 14 minutes after the first earthquake, yet another earthquake hit the Elgin area.

According to SCEMD, the second earthquake was a magnitude 2.06 centered 3.8 miles east of Elgin at 2:57 p.m.

For more details, please visit SCEMD’s Twitter profile.

Cindy Carey


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