Students in Colleton County mandated to wear masks in schools in the upcoming period following school district’s latest decision

Colleton County, South Carolina – The mask mandate for students and school staff in Colleton County was extended and will remain in place following the school district’s most recent decision on Tuesday.

According to them, the current Covid-19 situation is still dangerous and they believe the face masks mandate withing schools for students, staff and visitors will keep everyone safe.

The mask mandate applies for everyone regardless of their vaccination status. The mandate is enforced in both school property as well as school buses.

“This policy is intended to remain in effect when the SCDHEC COVID-19 Two Week Cumulative Incident Rate for Colleton County is considered ‘high’ or ‘moderate,’” explained Coordinator of Communications Sean Gruber.

As usual, the Board of Trustees will meet every month to discuss the mask mandate extension and depending on the current situation, will decide if the mandate will be extended or not.

Colleton County School District Superintendent Dr. Vallerie Cave will share official DHEC Covid-19 reports on every meeting with the other members.

The mask mandate in Colleton County was created following the recommendations by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible with lowering the spread of the virus in schools.

“Our goal is to keep our students and staff safe while providing a high-quality learning environment. Our students are able to come to school, remain in school and learn due to a decrease in cases,” Dr. Cave said.

“This success is partly due to our safety protocols that include our face covering policy. I am grateful for my Board of Trustees and their leadership and support while we continue to educate the students of our district while placing their safety as priority,” Cave added.

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