More than 50 Boeing employees and their family relatives protested the company’s vaccine mandate in North Charleston

North Charleston, South Carolina – While companies are pushing harder to enforce vaccine mandates in the last couple of weeks across the country, more and more protests against those mandates are seen almost every day.

The most recent one in the Lowcountry took place in North Charleston against Boeing’s vaccine mandate, multiple sources reported.

Reportedly, more than 50 people gathered in North Charleston to protest the vaccine mandate.

Most of them were Boeing employees supported by their family members.

The company announced earlier this month that by Dec. 8, employees would have to be fully vaccinated or have a medical or religious exemption.

“It’s not only a violation of my right, it is, as I said, I think a crime against humanity,” said Ann Beauchamp.

According to the company, they are obligated to enforce vaccine mandate since they a U.S. government contractor.

That means they are subject to President Joe Biden’s executive order requiring COVID-19 vaccines for federal employees.

While more and more companies are implementing vaccine mandates in the recent months, some states like Texas are fighting the mandates. Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order banning all vaccine mandates in the state of Texas.

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