New record high gas prices will force local residents to seek transit alternatives, CARTA expects to see increase in number of riders

Charleston, South Carolina – Gas prices are setting all-time high records and this trend will most probably continue in the upcoming period, something that affects everyone, from local residents to business owners.

The inflation and the rising living costs fueled by the rising gas prices will force many people to seek transit alternatives and CARTA is surely one of them.

According to the CARTA officials, CARTA has 23 routes- many completed with electric buses and running at a 90 % on-time arrival rate.

Those who still haven’t tried the CARTA transit system, the rising prices seem to be the perfect opportunity to give CARTA a try, CARTA Board Chairman and Charleston City Councilman Mike Seekings said.

Making people to give up their cars and use alternatives like CARTA has never been an easy task, but Seekings believes CARTA is an amazing alternative for those at an hourly wage since the gas is so expensive making it unaffordable for many local residents, especially hospitality workers.

“Alternative transportation, it is just not really there,” said laments Blane Hammerluend, James Island residents, who drives from James Island every day. “Being from James Island, it’s a little bit of stretch to work downtown. That being said, there is a CARTA stop right outside of my house,” says Hammerluend.

Hammerluend agrees that CARTA is good alternative when it comes to lowering traveling costs, but like many other local residents, the biggest issue is the time required to get from point A to point. That said, Hammerluend needs only 10 minutes drive to get to work from home every day, while using CARTA services takes one hour. Back and forth every day, Hammerluend needs two hours.

While many still have difficulties giving up their vehicles, gas prices are expected to further increase in the upcoming period since president Joe Biden on Tuesday confirmed that United States will stop buying Russian oil.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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