Two roommates hid the dead body of a third roommate who died of overdose for a whole week while they were partying in the apartment

Living with roommates can be a lifetime experience, but there are occasions in which your life might be complete hell while you are waiting the first possible opportunity to leave the apartment and the roommates. However, in today’s case the three roommates seem to had pretty nice time together while they were living together despite their age difference until one of them died of overdose.

According to police reports, two of the roommates are facing charges for the incident that occurred last February when the third roommate was found dead in their apartment. The police said the body was kept in the victim’s room for more than a week before officers discovered it after a welfare check.

New York police arrested one of the roommates, identified as the 43-year-old S. Hillburn, earlier this month in connection with an investigation into an overdose in February’s incident. She’s been charged with concealment of a human corpse, a class E felony worth up to 4 years with a conviction.

The second roommate, identified as D. Elgin, already jailed in federal prison held on unrelated charges to this incident, but the district attorney will surely press similar charges on her for this incident.

Deputies responded on Valentine’s Day at the home after someone called 911 in regards to a welfare check on the 62-year-old P. Barter who was the third roommate and lived together with Hillburn and Elgin.

When officers arrived at the scene, they initially spoke with the neighbors asking them questions related to Barter. As soon as they finished with them, officers headed to the house to speak with Barter’s roommates who became immediately nervous when officers asked them to speak with Barter.

The women had no other options left and took the officers into Barter’s bedroom, where they found her corpse lying on her bed. From what can be found in the police report, officers immediately noticed that the body appeared to have been deceased for sometime prior to the discovery. They called in the detectives.

The autopsy results showed that the woman had died of drug overdose and the deceased body was left in the bedroom for at least a week. With Elgin’s help, Hillburn allegedly moved the body to the bedroom “in an attempt to conceal Barter’s corpse from being discovered by guests.”

The investigators were able to prove that the body had been in the bedroom for the whole period since her death and the other two roommates had no issues living with the Barter’s corpse. In the meantime, the roommates organized several parties and gatherings with friends, but they didn’t contact the authorities because they were afraid an investigation will uncover their other illegal activities.

Elgin was arrested shortly after the incident and kept in federal prison ever since on unrelated charges to this incident. Police, couldn’t prove that Hillburn was part of the illegal activities and she avoided the charges and the arrest. However, she was arrested two weeks ago in a connection to the death of their third roommate and faces up to 4 years in prison.

Police thanked the man, one of the guests who attended the parties after the victim’s death, who notified the authorities that there was a body there. Police also think that the suspects also used the victim’s debit card, but couldn’t provide additional evidence.

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