South Carolina health officials and experts push for vaccination as Delta variant increases numbers

South Carolina officials and health experts are calling once again everyone to get vaccinated against Covid-19 following the confirmation that Delta variant is present in the state. They also inform the public that Delta variant is not an indicator for another wave as this variant is simply a shift in the virus.

It’s typical for viruses to mutate and we already have seen several different variants of the Covid-19 virus globally. However, the Delta variant “it’s very concerning to us in terms of how quickly it’s getting passed,” Dr. Kenneth Perry with the Trident Medical Center says.

According to the latest data, those vaccinated are pretty safe from all known Covid-19 variants we have seen. But those who are not vaccinated, remain unprotected at risk. Knowing this, he urges everyone to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

“It’s really just about making sure you’re vaccinated and really doing what you can for yourself. As long as people continue to be vaccinated and be vigilant, we should do okay with this new variant,” he added. This is especially important as more and more tourists will come in the Lowcountry in the upcoming weeks for the summer holidays. Plus, many of the people who were staying at home now go out and spend time with friends and family.

Dr. Perry says the Delta variant will probably not be the last variant of the virus. However, that doesn’t change the fact that those vaccinated are almost completely safe from the virus. Even if there is variant that can infect those vaccinated, hospitalization or death won’t be very likely scenario.

If you still haven’t received the shot, please visit DHEC website for more information.

Monica Doyle


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