Two South Carolina inmates dead due to Covid-19 recently, SC Dept. of Corrections cancels all visitations the upcoming weekend

Charleston, South Carolina – The Covid-19 is spreading across South Carolina correctional facilities and the recent spread resulted with two deaths in inmates, multiple sources reported.

In an effort to reduce the spread and the risk of getting more inmates infected, the South Carolina Department of Corrections announced they are cancelling all scheduled and non-scheduled visitations during the upcoming weekend.

According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections the decision applies for both in-person and virtual visitations.

The cancellations apply to all institutions Feb. 5 and 6. Some may offer virtual visits Monday through Friday.

Multiple sources reported that two SC inmates dies as a result of the virus. The 57-year-old inmate at Ridgeland Correctional Institution, Johnnie Huggins, was one of the victims and he died of Covid-19 complications on January 29 after testing positive on January 20.

The second inmate was identified as the 43-year-old Kentrell Jefferson and he tested positive on the virus on December 29 at Broad River Correctional Institution. Two days later he was transferred to the SCDC treatment unity at Kirkland and he was treated there until January 7 when he was hospitalized until January 31 when he died of Covid complications.

So far, there have been 60 Covid-19 deaths in inmates since the start of the pandemic.

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