Company offers new kind of tests for all blood donors to check if you have antibodies after receiving the vaccine

Charleston, South Carolina – Despite the vaccination and many tests made every day, the pandemic is far from over.

But one company offers new interesting method to discover if you have antibodies after receiving the vaccine. The tool is available for all blood donors.

Company The Blood Connection has been doing antibody tests since last May, but now they use new improved method for all donors.

“So, before it would only identify antibodies and give a donor a positive result only if the donor had a natural response to COVID-19. That could’ve been from actually having COVID-19 at one point or that meant you had an exposure at some point,” said Allie Van Dyke with The Blood Connection.

“A lot of people are out there wondering about their vaccine and what effect it has on the body and things like that. We had a big response from antibody testing when we started it back in May and so we’re hoping this will have the same attention just because people are curious,” said Van Dyke.

Many people are interested in taking the test with donating blood.

“You know, it definitely adds value to it obviously. Anytime someone does something and you can offer more it’ll probably encourage people,” said Shomari Carey, who thinks it’s a good idea.

“We had a survey that went out to a lot of our donors, to thousands of our donors, and we got a 93% response that they would donate blood for this antibody test,” said Van Dyke.

However, the company added the test might be negative even if you have received the vaccine. If this is the case, the encourage vaccinated people to take the test at a later date as every body produces antibodies at a different time.

The results of this test may take up to seven days.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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