Two adult vaccine hesitant brothers die of Covid-19 the same day, their fully vaccinated elderly mother suffers only mild symptoms

The Covid-19 situation in the past few weeks has been nothing but intense as the numbers are on the rise across the country and everyone blames the Delta variant. What is even more alarming is the fact that the hospitals are running out of ICU beds to accommodate the Covid-19 patients and this situation is especially taking hit among the states with lower vaccination rates.

Some states like Florida are seeing record number of cases despite everyone’s efforts to slow down the spread. Recently, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced new Covid-19 antibody treatment that if applied to the Covid-19 infected people days after the initial symptoms, lowers the chances of hospitalizations by 70%.

Meanwhile, the state is recording record number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

A recent story from Florida will surely change every vaccine hesitant mind. According to News4Jax, two adult brothers who were vaccine hesitant and refused to get vaccinated died from Covid-19 in the very same day. Their elderly mother who was fully vaccinated, got the infection from them but suffered only mild symptoms.

The difference? The vaccine.

“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare,” said a teary-eyed Lisa B. “The only reason I’m doing this is to put the word out to please get vaccinated.”

According to Lisa, she was living together with her sons Aaron and Jaggi, aged 35 and 41 respectively, in their Florida home and they all got infected late July. Her sons were the first to show the symptoms and she took them to hospitals as soon as their condition worsened.

Lisa said that they both contracted double pneumonia and both were admitted into the intensive care unit and ultimately put on ventilators. Both of them lost the battle with the virus and died early August in a span of 12 hours.

“This is horrible. I love my boys,” said a weeping Lisa. “They never made it home.”

“My boys, they were my life,” she said. “That’s all I lived for, for them,” Lisa added as she confirmed that she had another son who died few years ago.

While she probably goes through the worst period of her life, Lisa is happy she survived the virus and she claims it’s only because she got the Moderna shot few months. Lisa regrets she couldn’t convince her sons to get immunized.

“I think they would be alive today if they would have gotten their shot,” she said. “I wouldn’t have gotten it as bad. I wish I could have made them do it. And now it’s too late.”

While Lisa was preparing her staff to leave the home since she can’t afford it anymore because she was sharing rent with her sons, she thinks her story will wake up the vaccine hesitant and make them change their minds in deciding to take the shot as soon as possible.

“I think Aaron and Free would be just blown away to see how many people cared about them,” said family friend Brittany. “And how many people are stepping up to help their mom out in this tough time.”

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