Woman sends her minor son to school with stolen, fully loaded revolver in his school bag, additionally charged for missing court appearance

Parents are usually more than cautious when they pack their children for school, putting only the unnecessary things in their bags like their books, notebooks and often food. This is especially important for minors who attend elementary school who can easily get hurt by simple, everyday sharp objects.

But some parents are simply not that cautious or maybe not interested at all what their children have in their school bags. This Florida woman is surely one of those parents, but she even went one step further when she sent her minor son to elementary school like any other day except that he had stolen and fully loaded revolver in his backpack that day.

According to the report, the incident took place last May when the little boy found a black case in his backpack while he was at school. When he opened the black case, he found “a silver handgun” and luckily for everyone in the classroom, the teacher saw the gun and she immediately called the school police officer.

The school police officer immediately went to the classroom and he determined that the silver gun was fully loaded at the time. He unloaded the gun, took the case with the gun inside to safety and no one was injured.

The mother of the student, who was identified by the police as A. Carrol, was contacted by the local authorities and she was questioned in the school, an interview that ended around 2 p.m. the same day. The police informed her that the handgun was reported “stolen out of SSO jurisdiction.”

According to WFLA 8, Carrol told the officers that “she had put the cased firearm into the child’s backpack the night before as she was clearing out her vehicle.” Carrol added that she had the gun with her while she was visiting her newborn in hospital and she forgot to take it out of her son’s backpack when she packed him for school the night before.

The weapon was reported stolen by Carrol’s boyfriend a month before the incident. Carrol claimed that she found the revolver when she cleared out a storage unit along with several other weapons owned by her mother. The woman added that she was worried about possessing the firearm “because she did not want to get into trouble for possessing a stolen firearm or making a false report.”

She told deputies that she had planned on turning the firearm into law enforcement and put the gun in her vehicle, but had removed it along with her son’s bag after her father said he wanted to borrow the vehicle.

Following the incident, the woman was charged with improper storage of a firearm and she was scheduled to appear on court late September. She appeared in court on the first court hearing, but missed her second one on the beginning of October. Allegedly, the woman mismatched the date thinking it read “10/11” instead of “10/4” and instead showed up to court on Oct. 11.

For not appearing in court, Carrol was arrested after warrant was issued for her arrest and additionally charged. Now she faces two charges. Meanwhile, she lost her job because she was allegedly not allowed to call her employer to tell them about the situation.

The next court hearing is set to take place on November 4. Once more details are available, we will update the case with new information.

Monica Doyle


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