The man who was involved in officer-involved shooting on Wednesday has been identified, report

Charleston, South Carolina – A shooting took place on Wednesday morning in West Ashley where police officer and 25-year-old man were involved.

Because of the ongoing investigation, the identity od the suspect was not revealed. However, yesterday the police department identified the man involved in the shooting as George Grayson Sanner. Sanner was a resident in the apartment complex where the shooting occurred.

Sanner is well known to the police as he has multiple felony charges in the past. The complete list of charges will be revealed to the public at the upcoming week.

The police officer shot Sanner and he is now at hospital for a treatment. According to the latest hospital information, the man is in stable condition.

The officer involved in the shooting is placed on administrative leave until the internal investigation is conducted. This is regular procedure.

The name of the officers still remains unknown, but Police Chief Luther Reynolds said the officer has eight successful years of service on a press conference.

This is the third officer-involved shooting in the last three months for the Charleston Police Department.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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