Newborn baby discovered in a garbage bag in a basement, mother tries to cover up the murder by saying she had a miscarriage, charged

If you ask mothers what was the most beautiful feeling in the world for them, surely the majority of them will say unanimously that the best feeling for them was to be pregnant and to bring the most innocent, the most beautiful, the most sacred thing to the world, to give birth to a child.

But as nothing is the same in this world, neither are parents, so about a year ago, a mother gave birth to a boy, and given the fact that there have been many cases of miscarriages lately due to the stress that mothers are facing in society every day, she tried to cover up the murder of her child by saying exactly that, that she had a miscarriage.

The 30-year old A. Wright of a small town in New York, was home alone that night when she gave birth to a boy last year. When her boyfriend and his friend arrived at home they immediately called 911 after noticing that Wright was visibly upset, without being aware that she actually gave birth to her child since the baby was not in the house at the moment.

When authorities arrived she told them that she had a miscarriage and first responders took her to a hospital. After further investigation, authorities found the body of the newborn baby boy dead in a garbage bag in the basement of the house.

The whole story raised suspicion at the district attorney who simply couldn’t believe it and he ordered a deeper investigation of the case as he wanted to ensure whether the boy was born alive or dead.

The investigation showed the baby was hit at least twice to the head with a precise, edge-like instrument or object, suffering blunt force trauma and focally penetrating trauma. Information on how the baby was killed were not released.

Authorities also denied that this was a case of an attempted at-home-abortion and claim that the baby was killed very quickly, probably a few minutes, after being born.

The suspicion of the district attorney turned out to be true.

Wright is considered the only suspect in the incident. The motive of killing her newborn baby remains a mystery.

Wright is charged with two counts of second degree murder. One count of intentional murder and one count of depraved indifference to human life.

She is currently in prison on a $75,000 bond. If found guilty of all charges, Wright will spend up to 25 years behind bars.

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