Oak Forest Village residents in North Charleston concerned about their safety after resident reported several shots damaged his home on Monday

North Charleston, South Carolina – It was Monday morning when officers with the North Charleston Police Department were called at a residence in the Oak Forest Village area after a local resident reported that several shots damaged his house.

According to the police report, first responders arrived at the house located on Lenora Drive, where the owner of the residence discovered a hole in his kitchen wall and the bullet hit a chair and the dining room table.

Shortly after, it was discovered that yet another bullet had damaged his house near the second-floor window.

According to the local resident who reported the incident, the shooting in the area happened in the early morning hours on Monday in the period between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. as several other local residents confirmed they heard shots fired around that time.

Since the police responded at the scene, no additional information was given, but NCPD confirmed there is open investigation about the incident and more details are expected in the upcoming days.

Shortly after the police responded at the house located on Lenora Drive, another local resident called 911 and reported shooting in the area. According to the second report, a woman said that she was on her way to let her friend’s dogs out when a vehicle appeared behind her truck while driving on Oak Forest Boulevard and fired multiple shots. The victim told police she drove away and did not see the vehicle again.

Fortunately, the victim was not injured in the shooting incident, but she had her vehicle struck twice on the tailgate.

Oak Forest Village residents are concerned about the safety in the area since the Monday’s incidents are something that has been happening several times in the last few years. Local residents’ biggest concern is the fact that none of those involved in such incidents has been prosecuted so far.

Although most of the homes in the area have surveillance cameras, locals say more of a police presence will make them feel much safer.

This is a developing story. Stay with us for more details about the Monday’s incidents once the North Charleston Police Department releases more information.

Cindy Carey


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