Police found teenager’s dead body hidden at home, his step-father, who is a police officer, is accused for abusing, killing the young boy and faces murder charges

According to police, officers were able to find the dead body of the missing 15-year-old teenager who allegedly had suffered multiple serious injuries including injuries to his neck, face and mouth. D. Jones’ body was found in his stepfather’s house who was meanwhile arrested and charged for abusing and killing the teenager.

The 34-year-old police officer, identified as Eric B., is accused of killing his stepson and faces multiple charges including child abuse charges, first-degree murder charges and second-degree murder charges. He was arrested shortly after police discovered the teenager’s body in his attic crawlspace earlier this month.

Authorities were dispatched at Eric’s home after they received a 911 call in regards of a child custody dispute from Jones’ mother, while she was headed to the Maryland’s home to pick her son up.

When deputies arrived at Eric’s home, he informed them that the boy had already left his house without taking any of his belongings. However, the several officers who responded at the scene insisted to search the house. The first responders described the suspect as being “deceptive throughout the engagement” in their police report.

Authorities initially found wet, blood-stained clothes —which smelled of bleach — in a dresser drawer. They knew something is not all right and few minutes later they were able to locate the teenager’s body in an attic crawlspace at Eric’s house.

Officers immediately arrested the suspect, but Eric attempted to grab an officer’s gun. Luckily, he was not able to reach the gun and no one was hurt.

“It took several officers to intervene to get Eric into custody,” WBAL News radio reported the local authorities. “There were moments when our officer was struggling with the suspect.”

“During this altercation with police, Eric said, and I quote, ‘My life is over. Choke me. Choke me. Choke me,'” local police department spokesperson Justin M. said.

After the medical examination, it was concluded that the teenager suffered multiple serious injuries on his neck, face and mouth and doctors claimed Jones sustained those injuries prior to his death.

While Eric remains in jail, he is still part of the police department but his police powers are suspended until further notice. His attorney informed the public that Eric will plead not guilty regarding the incident.

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