Police: “The most tragic case we have ever worked” – Mother kills 4-year-old daughter, finally sentenced

C. Lopez, 28-year-old, was found guilty in killing her 4-year-old daughter in their home back in 2017. Lopez will spend the next 38 years in prison after pleading guilty to homicide by child abuse in a recent court hearing.

“The death of this precious 4-year-old girl due to child abuse is one of the most tragic cases that we’ve seen,” 11th Circuit Solicitor Rick H. said. “Lilly’s death is incomprehensible to us and is compounded by the callous nature of her mother’s actions.”

According to the reports, the incident took place on July 31, 2017. When first responders arrived at the scene, they found the little girl laying on the ground, unresponsive. While waiting for the EMS, officers performed CPR but the girl was pronounced dead as soon as medical crews arrived.

The several bruises found on the girl’s body suggested that the girl was abused and neglected.

The mother initially told officers her daughter collapsed out of nowhere in the hallway. But her daughter’s brother had to say something different to officers:

“The sibling reported witnessing his mother restrain and tape Lilly to her bed,” the news release said. “He also reported witnessing his mother place tape over Lilly’s mouth ‘so she doesn’t cry.’”

Lopez had to confess everything later after investigators found tape in the trash, allegedly used as a mouth restraint.

The autopsy showed that the girl died “as a direct result of aspiration of food particles into her lungs, caused by Lopez placing tape over her mouth and physically restraining her.” Lopez said her husband removed the tape as soon as he got home from work.

But instead of calling 911, they both waited for more than an hour. The autopsy also found she had blunt force trauma and dehydration. The father later confessed the child neglect.

Lopez was sentenced to 38 years in prison. Her husband, who was also arrested after he gave statements to the authorities, was sentenced to 20 years in prison earlier this year.

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