Seven teenagers lynched 13-year-old boy at Florence County park, police looking for the attackers

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. – Seven teenagers attacked and lynched 13-year-old boy at the Johnsonville City Park.

A video captured from bystanders is being shared on social media.

The Police Chief says he hasn’t seen the videos yet.

The police are looking for the children believed to be aged 14 to 17. They will be charged with lynching through the South Carolina Dept. of Juvenile Justice.

Pamela Ross, the mother of the victim, said she doesn’t know the reason why her son was attacked. According to Ross, her son is in good physical condition with a few knots on the head, but going through a lot emotionally.

Police officers believe the children are from Williamsburg County area.

Anyone with information connected to this incident, should call

Cindy Carey


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