South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster to propose $500 million Covid-19 federal relief money for water system improvement across the state

South Carolina – Part of the Covid-19 federal relief money to be used for improvement of the water systems across the state, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster proposed on Thursday.

According to McMaster, he proposed the idea $500 million of the federal money to be used for the smaller water systems in the rural areas of the state.

He says modern clean drinking water and sewer system is vital to both citizens and to bring in businesses.

The state of South Carolina can use up to $2.4 billion in pandemic relief money as a part of the federal help for the pandemic. The proposed $500 million are part of that amount.

The General Assembly should decide where and how these money will be used in the future.

Lawmakers have suggested having a local match for water improvements, but McMaster says that isn’t in his proposal.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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