Woman tested positive on Covid-19 and decided to hang out with friends, infected her fully vaccinated elderly friend who later died of the virus

United States is seeing record high Covid-19 numbers as we entered the new year with Omicron officially becoming the dominant variant in almost every single state across the country. Many schools were forced to switch to virtual learning once again, while others are enforcing mask mandates for students, teachers and staff in an effort to keep the in-person learning.

Multiple ongoing studies show that those infected with Omicron will most likely develop only mild symptoms in majority of the cases, but the hospitals are getting overwhelmed again because the variant spreads easily infecting everyone, including those fully vaccinated, boosted and even people who recovered from the virus and developed natural immunity.

The current Covid-19 vaccines don’t offer 100% protection of getting infected, but they are offering more than a significant protection when it comes to developing severe condition, hospitalization and death. Those fully vaccinated should follow CDC’s quarantine guidelines and keep themselves isolated from other people if they contract the virus, but one Ohio woman decided to hang out with friends even though she tested positive on Covid-19, but hid the results from everyone, including her family.

According to NY Post, the incident took place earlier in December when a fully vaccinated woman, whose identity was not revealed, tested positive on the virus, but still, decided to hang out with friends in what appeared to be a card game. Reportedly, the woman infected her elderly friend with the virus who later developed symptoms, was hospitalized and died in hospitals after several-days-long treatment.

The story was initially reported by WXYZ after they contacted the victim’s granddaughter Lauren, who explained everything and now she urges everyone to stay isolated once they test positive on Covid-19. Lauren said that her grandmother, the 82-year-old B. Bartolovich, was a recovered cancer patient and considered as an immunocompromised person.

Since the start of the pandemic, Bartolovich followed all the strict pandemic guidelines and she was fully vaccinated in an effort to stay protected from Covid-19. Before Bartolovich decided to attend the card game, she made sure that everyone who was about to attend the gathering was vaccinated. According to Lauren, Bartolovich was only socializing with people who were also vaccinated.

However, one attendee allegedly failed to disclose they were sick with COVID. That person infected Bartolovich with the virus, which later led to hospitalization. Her condition worsened, she was put on ventilator support and after sometime she died from the virus in hospital just days before Christmas.

‘Somebody decided that testing positive for COVID is something they can hide,’ Lauren told WXYZ. ‘The only way we found out is that the person owned up after Nana got sick.’ ‘I am just horrified at where we are and what is going on, that we are not taking into account people’s lives,’ she added.

Lauren urges anyone with symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID to ‘avoid others out of love’.

‘It is not worth it. It is not worth knowing you hurt someone, potentially hurt someone, or killed someone because you want to go out and have fun,’ Lauren said.

Bartolovich, described as a ‘little firecracker,’ leaves behind four children, their spouses, ten grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, according to her obituary.

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