South Carolina woman hits the jackpot for the second time in two years

Columbia, South Carolina – Some people apparently have more luck than others, such as the case of a woman who won a lottery for the second time in two years on a ticket purchased from the same store.

Reportedly, the Midlands woman claimed a $250,000 jackpot in 2020 and hit the jackpot once again this month, claiming a $200,000 reward.

The woman purchased the winning 20X The Money scratch-off ticket from Spring Valley Convenience Store in Columbia last week. The Spring Valley Convenience Store will get a $2,000 commission for selling the lucky ticket.

Allegedly, the woman told South Carolina Education Lottery officials that she was purchasing the ticket from the same store and was accompanied by the same people both times she won the lottery.

“I had a lot of fun with the first winnings and enjoyed every bit of it. This time I’m going to buy a house,” said the winner.

Cindy Carey


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