Mothers Against Drunk Driving to release report on state DUI convictions

Charleston, South Carolina – The organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving says they will release the finding of a court monitoring report they have been conducting in South Carolina.

The report is titled “Refusal to Change” and it breaks down low DUI conviction rates in the state’s biggest counties.

The organization said the report will also include seven areas of reform MADD believes South Carolina should consider if the state wishes to improve conviction rates and protect public safety.

MADD says in 2018, there were 291 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in the state with many more injured in accidents.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office says they have added their first full-time Special DUI Prosecutor Justin Mims. The BCSO says the position is fully funded through a special South Carolina Department of Public Safety grant, that does not require a local match.

Monica Doyle


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