South Carolinians are waiting in lines for hours to get tested for Covid-19 amid surge and home tests shortage

The recent surge in Covid-19 cases is causing a lot of problems for South Carolinians when it comes to testing on the virus because they have to wait in lines for hours to get tested at the testing sites, while there is home kits shortage across the state.

The information was also confirmed by DHEC saying that people have to prepare to wait in lines in both DHEC’s testing sites, but also other testing providers and laboratories.

The reason for this is the rising number of cases lately leading to many testing requests, a state-wide problem.

“We know people are frustrated about long lines and the turnaround time for test results, but if more people were vaccinated, this surge and subsequent demand for testing likely wouldn’t be as drastic as it is,” DHEC added.

According to data provide by the DHEC, more than 52% of the South Carolina population is already vaccinated against Covid-19.

The problem with the testing is additionally fueled by the home tests shortage.

For more Covid-19 related date, vaccination and testing sites, please visit DHEC website here.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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