Stubborn Donald Trump decided to hold his last rally amid the Delta wave, now one third of the students in the area are in quarantine

Stubborn Donald Trump has continued with his non-sense false claims over the election results and his weird decisions to go against everyone and everything since leaving the White House office. Latest Trump decision to hold the what supposed to be “the biggest Trump event since leaving the office” where more than 30,000 people attended the event amid the Delta wave is another great representation of Trump’s stubbornness.

Trump and his fellow GOP members who organized the Alabama rally two weekends ago, were warned that the event might later end up as a huge Covid-19 bomb. Maskless and with no social distancing from each other, it looks like the attendees additionally increased the spread of the virus just shortly after Alabama announced state of emergency.

According to multiple reports following the Trump event in Cullman, Alabama, at least five schools in the area decided to close their doors for in-person teaching and switch to virtual learning following the serious increase of Covid-19 cases among students and school staff just days after the Trump event.

In an official statement last Wednesday, Cullman County school district confirmed that almost one third of the students were infected with the virus or have been sent to quarantine as a result of a close contact with someone infected.

The latest decision for virtual learning comes in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus after Donald Trump and his fellows decided to organize the event despite the fact that they have been warned multiple times by the health officials.

Understandably, the virtual learning switch resulted with other things to be cancelled like high school sports matches and trainings, after school events and additional classes organized by the schools.

Another proof that the Trump rally in Cullman directly affected the Covid-19 situation and number of cases in the area is the data from the New York Times. According to their data, the number of cases and Covid-19 hospitalizations in Cullman area have increased by 124% in the last two weeks and it’s the largest in the state.

However, some health experts said that the Trump event is not the only event that directly affected the latest spread of the virus. According to them, Rock the South concert that took place at the same venue the weekend prior to Trump’s rally is also a major reason for the latest wave.

Although the organizers claimed that more than 50,000 people attended the event claiming to be the biggest ever political event in the state, multiple outlets reported that the actual number of attendees was somewhere between 30,000-35,000.

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