Sunday’s shooting, the victims were not the target according to the police

Charleston, S. C. – North Charleston PD released details about the Sunday shooting that took place Northwoods Mall. According to them, the victims in the shooting were not the actual target.

According to the report, the primary target of the shooter remained unhurt.

Three victims were shot: one in the chest, the second in the leg, while the third was only grazed. The police didn’t provide information about the injuries and conditions. One of the victims is 34, the second is 20 and the third is juvenile.

Two of the victims hid in a closet in one of the stores in the mall, the blood trails confirm that.

NCPD did issue the following, lengthy statement:

“The incident yesterday at Northwoods Mall is a stark and tragic reminder that, as an entire community, we need to take a holistic approach to eliminating gun violence on our streets, in our homes, and in our city’s businesses. Northwoods Mall and the surrounding businesses receive extra patrols to ensure the citizens’ safety as they patronize the establishments.

The shooting incidents, which have occurred at the mall, have each been the result of individuals, o”r groups of individuals, who have conflict with one another and decide that the way to solve their conflicts is through violence.”

More information is expected today or tomorrow.

Cindy Carey


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