The Charleston International Airport becomes 100% smoke free area, the policy implemented sooner that previously planned

Charleston, South Carolina – What was previously reported and announced to take place by the Charleston International Airport officials, has just happened as the Charleston airport is becoming a 100% smoke free zone.

This measure was expected to happen in the near future, but the airport officials decided to implemented sooner than previously planned.

According to the latest information, the CEO of the airport announced that the airport is now completely smoke free starting Wednesday.

Charleston International Airport officials are serious in their plans to make the air around it cleaner and healthier. This is what Elliott Summey, the CEO of the airport said.

“Our mission is to make the airport campus a safe and healthy environment for travelers, guests, and workers. The health risks associated with secondhand smoke are irrefutable. Creating a smoke-free environment at CHS will help us achieve reach [sic] this goal,” CEO Elliott Summey stated.

With the newest smoke plan in place, smoking will be prohibited in all the indoor areas including the designated smoke zones, outside of the terminals, offices, parking lots etc.

Although smokers argue the latest ban, majority of the passengers and the airport employees agree with the latest airport’s decision.

For more details, please visit the Charleston International Airport website.

Cindy Carey


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