The mask ordinance In Charleston to be extended to April 14

Charleston, South Carolina – The mask ordinance in Charleston extended until April 14.

The Charleston City Council voted the ordinance to be extended. The voting happened yesterday, Tuesday, March 9th.

Regarding the case, they will meet again to discuss the issue on April 13th.

“We’re not there yet; we need to continue this mask ordinance,” said Councilmember Ross Appel. “Once people are vaccinated, it’ll be a gamechanger, but we can’t afford to stay in this COVID mentality forever.”

Some council member said that Charleston is almost there, but not yet. They added that we have to be very cautious before taking such a huge step. It’s up to all of us, we should all work together.

Councilmen Harry Griffin and Kevin Shealy voted against the extension.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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