Monoclonal antibodies treatment against Covid-19 it’s working better than expected, almost all patients able to recover home after receiving the treatment

Monoclonal antibodies treatment it’s delivering amazing results and even doctors who apply the treatment are amazed of what they are seeing lately in South Carolina.

Florida was the first state who started broadly using this treatment in August when the state faced the peak of the Delta wave and were hitting new record high number of positive cases almost every day.

As soon as Florida started using the expensive treatment given for free to patients, the number of hospitalizations started to go down in a matter of days, proving the efficiency of the treatment.

Many other states decided to follow the same steps and started implementing the treatment to Covid-19 patients resulting with shortage of doses.

Trident Medical Center is one of the hospitals that is also giving this treatment to Covid-19 ill patients and so far, they are seeing amazing results and manage to keep low number of hospitalizations.

The health care network reported that more than 1,200 Lowcountry and Upstate patients who were newly diagnosed with the virus received the monoclonal treatment to reduce the virus’ symptoms.

According to the data provided by the hospital, 97% of the patients treated with this treatment were able to recover at home from the virus.

“Hospital officials say the treatment accomplished it’s intended purpose – help reduce COVID-related hospitalizations,” Trident hospital officials said.

“With the treatment available for patients at more locations in the Lowcountry the hospital has paused it monoclonal antibody clinic,” Trident hospital officials added.

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