Tired, hungry, and thirsty asked the firefighters to help him, punched a female firefighter in the face, arrested

Unbelievable story is coming from Summerville this week after a man who asking the firefighters for help punched female firefighter in the face for no apparent reason.

According to the police report, the suspect identified as James Moore was arrested on Thursday after he walked into Summerville Fire & Rescue #5 on W. Butternut Road asking the firefighters for help.

Moore said that he was tired, hungry, and thirsty and the firefighters immediately have him some water and drank some before becoming agitated.

The suspect was watching in the distance for a few moments and then turned into the direction of the female firefighter and said ‘I confess’” before throwing his cup of water at a female crew member, then punching her in the jaw.

Other officer who was just next to the Moore immediately reacted, took him on the ground and held him like that until the officers arrived.

According to the incident report, officers who were the first to arrive at the scene said that Moore “showed signs of agitation and possible impairment.” While they were arresting him, he looked confused for all that time and “continued to talk to himself while rapping songs.”

Officers found 1.87 grams of marijuana and said that Moore admitted that he smoked some before the incident took place.

He was evaluated by EMS and taken to Summerville Medical Center.

The firefighter suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene by the EMS crews.

The suspect is facing several charges including charges of assault and battery third degree and simple possession of marijuana.

Monica Doyle


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