The several last-minute changes of the Woodland High School’s prom ended up as a total fiasco, the district to offer refund to students

Dorchester County, South Carolina – Due to possibility of a severe weather last Friday, Woodland High School’s officials made several changes just hours before the start of the prom that ended up as a total fiasco for the students.

The prom party at the Woodland High School in Dorchester County was set to take place Friday night on the football field, but due to a possibility of a severe weather, the school officials decided to cancel the party just hours before its start.

Many students were informed through the social media networks that the party was cancelled and didn’t show up. However, some of the students were not properly informed about the cancellation and showed up at the football field. Then the school officials decided to organize the party in the school gym after the initial scheduled time.

According to the Dorchester District 4 Superintendent Gerald Wright, the reason for the fiasco is the lack of communication and the school takes full responsibility about the incident.

The students, understandably, were completely disappointed of what had happened and how everything ended up.

Wright says they will refund the price of the tickets.

A few students also said if they can’t re-do prom, they would want a senior day instead.

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