Teenager trespasses, climbs upstairs window to see girlfriend, kills her father

The whole neighborhood is in shock following the incident last weekend when a teenager trespassed and climbed through upstairs window to see his 14-year-old girlfriend, but ended up shooting her father to death. The teenager, who was also shot, was transferred to hospital for treatment and faces multiple charges.

According to police reports, the victim identified as the 34-year-old D. Hamilton died last Sunday following the argument with his daughter’s boyfriend who allegedly trespassed and climbed through upstairs window to see his daughter.

The suspect, 17-year-old N. Mcquirter, was trying to meet victim’s daughter around 8 a.m. at their house in Louisiana. The neighbors were able to identify the shooter as they saw him climbing through a window using a ladder shortly before the shooting.

Just when the teenager got into the room, Hamilton caught him in his daughter’s room and confronted the boy, taking him downstairs to talk. According to WBRZ News, the father knew the teenager as he tried to keep them apart many times before, but the teenager wouldn’t stay away. In the meantime, other family relatives came at the house, including the daughter’s mother.

At some point of the argument, both of them took their guns out and started shooting one another while the relatives were at another room. The father was fatally shot and died at the scene, while the teenager suffered gunshot wounds and was transferred to hospital for treatment. As of Thursday, his condition is still critical.

According to police who revealed the incident on Monday, it still remains unclear who fired the shot first.

The police are about to arrest the teenager as soon as he recovers from hospital and he faces multiple charges including second-degree murder charges, illegal use of a weapon and possessing a stolen gun.

The neighbors are in shock after the incident. They say Hamilton was an entrepreneur, owning several businesses operating in the area and beloved member of the community always helping those in need.

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